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Cycling Specific Screening

If You Cycle, Then Get Your Bike Setup Right

Bring your bike to Proactive Physiotherapy and have a cycling expert help you get the most out of your cycling experience. Whether you are a weekend cyclist or a high performing cycling athlete, you’ll benefit from the Proactive Physiotherapy cycling services which are specifically designed to minimise and prevent cycling injuries and monitor your training effectiveness including:

  • Optimising you bike position using Australian Institute of Sport techniques and Bike Fit.
  • Screen your body for problem areas with CSMA (Cycling Specific Musculoskeletal Assessment)
  • Design treatment and exercise programs that will help you get the most enjoyment out of your cycling experience.

Do you want to know what your real cycling strengths and weaknesses are?

Then a biomechanical analysis and customised Bike fit will help you to reach your cycling potential. It doesn’t matter if you cycle for fun or for competition, this assessment is a must for all bike riders as it will review your current bike position and equipment and customise the bike set-up with respect to your personal physical condition, including any specific personal physical history or issues that may be relevant to you.

Contact Proactive Physiotherapy today and bring your bike along for a customised cycle screening to get you performing at your best, and get the most fun you can from your personal cycling experience.,