Physiotherapy for Pregnancy and Postnatal Conditions

postnatal mother and baby

Looking to keep fit and healthy both during and after your pregnancy as you adjust to your changing and growing body?

Pregnancy or prenatal physiotherapy provides pain relief for the main pain points that can occur in your body when you are pregnant, while also keeping your baby safe and sound.

Our postnatal physiotherapy treatments include a tailored pelvic floor exercise program that is very effective in reducing postnatal urinary incontinence, which one in three women who have had a baby will experience at some stage in their lives.

Pregnancy and postnatal conditions we treat

Our women’s health and continence physiotherapists can help you to prevent, manage and improve pregnancy and postnatal conditions in the pregnancy and postnatal period such as:

  • Antenatal conditions – low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Back, neck and coccyx pain
  • Breast conditions such as blocked ducts or obstructive mastitis
  • Postnatal conditions – pelvic floor weakness, neck, back or perineal pain, 6 week check up
  • Pelvic girdle dysfunction (sacro-iliac and pubic symphysis joints)
  • Post natal recovery of perineal pain and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Pre/Post surgery – anterior/posterior wall repair, caesarean delivery

Physiotherapy services for women in the pre and post natal period

The other prenatal and postnatal services we offer women include:

  • Individually tailored pelvic floor exercise programs
  • Pregnancy exercise prescription
  • Preparation and recovery from gynaecological or breast surgery, e.g. lymphedema or restricted movement after breast surgery
  • Specific exercise modification for weakened abdominals and general fitness programs
  • Use of TENS machines for labour

What are the benefits of pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy?

Pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to reduce your pain during pregnancy, help prepare your body for childbirth and help it recover after childbirth.

Some of the benefits of our prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy treatment include:

  • Better sleep
  • Easier labour and delivery
  • Improved pelvic floor muscle function
  • Improved posture
  • Reduction in back pain
  • Reduced incontinence
  • Reduced pain, especially in the low back, hips, pelvis, and hands

At Proactive Physiotherapy Cairns we have a team of specialised women’s health and continence physiotherapists who will give you caring, confidential and high quality management in all areas of pregnancy and postnatal continence and pelvic floor disorders.

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