Clinical Functional Exercise Classes

clinical functional exercise class

Would you like to move better, overcome the pain of an existing injury and start living life to the fullest again?

Perhaps you’re looking for a way of improving your fitness in a safe and controlled environment while minimising your chances of back pain or back injury.

Proactive Physiotherapy‘s Clinical Functional Exercises use pilates and other exercises to teach you how to exercise and move in a safe and supportive way that improves your strength, balance, agility, endurance and posture.

Current Schedule of Clinical Functional Exercise Classes (updated 18/04/2023)

Clinical Functional Exercise classes for people of all ages and abilities

All of our Clinical Functional Exercise Classes are taught by our highly trained Physiotherapists and specifically tailored to suit your condition/ability and to help you achieve your mobility goals.

Clinical Functional Exercise classes are ideal for anyone who is looking to:

  • correct and strengthen posture
  • supplement or continue their physiotherapy care
  • increase sporting performance
  • relieve back or neck pain
  • improve core strength
  • gain greater flexibility
  • improve coordination and body awareness
  • enhance circulation
  • maintain balance and independence as you age
  • treat women’s and men’s health issues such as incontinence

Fully equipped studio and highly qualified instructors

All classes are instructed by physiotherapists who have post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Functional Exercise in our fully equipped studio.

We use a variety of tools to make your exercise sessions varied and interesting and to ensure you get the most out of your class, including pilates equipment, the reformer, trapeze table, Rip60, Surf Set, CoreStix, Wunda-chair, barrel, balls and mats, kettlebells, dumbbells and more.

And because Clinical Functional Exercise sessions are a clinically-based exercise treatment, you can cover sessions under private health insurance and other rebates.

One-on-one Clinical Functional Exercise Sessions

Our one-on-one Clinical Functional Exercise sessions are ideal if you are short on time or want to prepare yourself to join our small group Clinical Functional Exercise Classes.

These 30-minute individual Clinical Functional Exercise sessions will have you using a range of exercise equipment and small props in the studio, combined with a challenging and fun home exercise component.

Clinical Functional Exercise Classes For During and After Pregnancy

Clinical Functional Exercise classes are an excellent and safe way to exercise during and after pregnancy. These 60-minute classes help you to maintain muscle condition and decrease the postural and continence issues that develop during this time.

You can either choose to exercise in small groups or in a one-on-one session for a fun and non-threatening environment where you can learn how to integrate pelvic floor muscle contractions into functional activities. Our clinical exercise classes pair perfectly with our pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy services.

Small Group Clinical Functional Exercise Classes

In small groups of up to five people, you’ll utilise our wide range of highly-specialised equipment in these group Clinical Functional Exercise Classes that run between 30-60 minutes.

Our Functional Exercise Classes are held every morning and night to provide ideal flexibility for busy people, and they also include a home exercise component. This is an excellent setting to learn about your body, remove back pain and improve the way you function every day.

High-Performance Athlete Clinical Functional Exercise Classes

We also provide one-on-one 60-minute Clinical Functional Exercise Classes at an extremely high level suitable for athletes wishing to fine-tune their form and improve their power.

Many athletes focus on building their muscle strength, however adding Clinical Functional Exercise training to your workout can not only further enhance your performance in any sport, but it also helps you prevent injury.

Whatever age or level of mobility and fitness you have, our qualified physiotherapists can help get you stronger, sooner with our Clinical Functional Exercise Classes.

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