Office Ergonomic Assessments

office ergonomic problems causing back pain

Is your office setup or home workspace causing you back pain, neck pain or headaches?

Maybe you are an employer who is concerned about your employees’ health and safety and you would like a risk assessment report for your OHS records?

If you (or your staff) spend a lot of time working at computer and sitting at a desk, your office setup can cause a massive range of problems, including:

  • sore neck
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • elbow or wrist pain
  • shoulder pain
  • eye and vision strain

Incorrect seating, poor monitor position, even where you place your mouse can have an ongoing detrimental effect to your short-term and long-term health, as well as your productivity.

Ergonomic Assessment Program for Home and Office Workplaces

Our Proactive Physiotherapy Home and Office Ergonomic Assessment Program will assess your office or home workspace setup, identifying any ergonomic hazards which may contribute to long-term postural problems, pain and injury.

STEP ONE – Our expert office ergonomic physiotherapists will visit your home office or workplace to assess your workstation set-up and observe you in your work environment. We can also do this assessment virtually, if required.

STEP TWO – We’ll advise you on the best way to set up your work environment to fit your body correctly, minimising any chances of postural problems, pain, or work-related injury.

STEP THREE – You’ll receive a detailed ergonomic report with recommendations of ways you can improve your work posture and minimise the long term problems that often arise for people with office-based jobs.

Prevent injury, increase productivity and minimise work-related injury claims

Whether you are an employee or an employer, work in a home office or workplace setting, our Proactive Physiotherapy Home and Office Ergonomic Assessment Program can:

  • help make your workplace safer,
  • identify and prevent any causes of pain and injury, and
  • improve workplace productivity.

Our team has helped hundreds of employers and employees establish an ergonomic set up at their home or office, minimising their risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries from a poorly set up workstation.

We also provide physiotherapy service for other kinds of workplace injuries, and run group exercise classes for rehabilitation and prevention of further workplace injuries, including Bounce Back for strengthening your back and Clinical Functional Exercise classes for improving your strength, posture and giving you greater flexibility.

If you spend a lot of time at your desk and experience any of the symptoms detailed above, then contact Proactive Physiotherapy to organise your on-site office ergonomic assessment.

It could be the best thing you do for your health in a long time, and you don’t even have to leave your desk!