Bounce Back Exercise Program

bounce back exercise program in cairns

Minimise back pain, strengthen your back and move with confidence again

The innovative BOUNCE Back exercise program is a structured, cost-effective and easy-to-follow active rehabilitation system that is specifically designed to help you move with confidence and control again and bounce back from back and neck pain.

BOUNCE Back is unlike any other exercise program available today because it has been designed by experienced physiotherapists to cater for all levels of ability and fitness.

Back pain relief for all levels of ability and fitness and all types of back pain conditions

The BOUNCE back program is designed with graduated exercises that ensure you have the strength, stamina and stability to safely return to pre-injury work, and/or get back to your favourite recreational activities with greater core and spinal stability than ever.

Our BOUNCE back classes are ideal for a wide variety of back pain conditions, including:

  • People with significant and chronic back pain
  • Post-surgical patients who want to fast-track recovery after hip, knee or ankle surgery
  • Preparing your body for Functional Exercise Classes or general gym exercise, no matter what your condition
  • Physical workers with a work injury who are wanting to get back to work sooner
  • Elite athletes looking for that extra performance edge

Medically researched and proven back strengthening exercise program

Designed by one of Australia’s best spinal experts, Australian Olympic physiotherapist, Trish Wisbey-Roth, BOUNCE Back has been medically researched and has a huge body of supporting evidence to show its success in helping those suffering back pain.

With the cost-effective 8-week BOUNCE Back course you’ll learn how correct muscle movement will reduce your back pain and help you to move more efficiently.

  • weekly classes last up to an hour
  • sessions are delivered by specially trained physiotherapists
  • all classes are one-on-one
  • uses balls and elastic bands to progressively improve your spinal strength, coordination and balance
  • suitable for all levels of ability and fitness

BOUNCE Back spinal strength exercise program

The BOUNCE Back exercise program individually focuses each muscle group in a systematic method to minimise the reoccurrence of back pain.

LEVEL 1 BEGINNER – Back to moving with confidence & control

  • Specifically focuses on neck and upper back or lower back, hip and limb exercises.
  • Retrains your brain and muscles with gentle exercises that gradually progress to more functional tasks.
  • Teaches you how to control and conquer your back and/or neck problems while giving you confidence to move effectively during the activities in your daily life.

LEVEL 2 INTERMEDIATE – Back to pre injury work and/or your favourite recreational activities

Suitable if you have completed the Level 1 class or already have an appropriate level of core and spinal stability.

  • Specifically focuses on neck and upper back or lower back, hip and limb exercises.
  • Develops more dynamic postures for your neck/shoulder or lower back/hip and limbs so you’ll move more effectively.

LEVEL 3 ADVANCED – Back to normal work and sporting activities

Suitable if you have achieved a high level of stability after completing Level 2.

  • Dynamic and highly challenging upper and lower body exercises that will enable you to build overall body strength and flexibility, whilst continuing to improve core and spinal stability.
  • Builds the confidence needed for a full return to work and peak sporting activity, knowing your body can now operate at its best.

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