First Appointment

Confidential, Professional, and Easy

When you come in for your first appointment at Proactive Physiotherapy, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who make you feel comfortable and guide you in every step of your journey. For your physiotherapist to get the quickest and most effective long-term results for you, they will need to know as much about you as possible. Don’t worry, they’re very friendly and highly confidential.

Each Proactive Physiotherapist has one goal in mind, and that is to get you pain-free and back to doing the things you love as quickly and as safely as possible. In your first visit, your physiotherapist will want to learn as much about you and your injury as they can. They will ask you about your lifestyle, work, health, and specific conditions, so have a think about how best to describe your injury before your appointment. For example:

  • What is your injury or where is your pain?
  • Is it painful and if so, where?
  • Is it worse with particular movements or at different times of the day?
  • Does anything relieve the pain?
  • How long has it been bothering you?

Once your physiotherapist has an understanding of your personal pain, they will also want to know about your general health. Be prepared to give information about surgeries, for example, it is vital that your physiotherapist be informed if you have

  • a pacemaker,
  • fractures (broken bones),
  • chronic conditions (such as asthma, epilepsy, or diabetes)
  • and any other injuries you may have sustained in the past.

You may then be asked to perform a series of gentle movements and stretches allowing your physiotherapist to determine specific pain and movement restrictions. You may be asked to remove some clothing during your visit. Your dignity will always be respected, however, if you feel uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to tell your physiotherapist immediately. In some cases, you may be prescribed some exercises to do at home. In these cases, your physiotherapist will carefully show you these exercises and give you a chance to practice them before you leave so that you understand both how to do them, and why you are doing them. If there is a need for you to come back, then your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and let you know if follow-up appointments are necessary, if required they can book a time that will suit your schedule.

Please contact us if you have any issues or questions you need to discuss before your appointment.

We very much look forward to helping you back to optimum active health.