Physiotherapy For Workplace Injuries

workplace injury

Whether you work in an office, a retail environment or in the great outdoors, work-related injuries can occur in every type of workplace.

After suffering a workplace injury, you’ll first need to go through the relevant Workers Compensation Scheme, but after that, you are entitled to choose your own doctor and physiotherapist for any rehab treatments you may require.

Getting the right physiotherapy for your workplace injuries can be crucial for managing the physical effects of your injury and helping you return back to work and the experienced team at Proactive Physiotherapy are here to help.

What Are The Major Causes Of Workplace Injuries?

With most of us spending around half our waking life at our workplace, it’s no surprise that workplace injuries occur so often.

Even with many of us increasingly working from home, most causes of workplace accidents can also be found in residential environments.

Common causes of workplace injuries that we treat at Proactive Physiotherapy include:

  • Slips, trips or strains due to wet floors, spills and unseen obstacles
  • Improper lifting or carrying of large or heavy objects
  • Repetitive tasks that put a strain on muscles and tendon
  • Strong muscle and spinal movements such as pushing or throwing
  • Falling from ladders, tripping down stairways and falling from elevated platforms or unstable heights are all too common occurrences
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries from improper computer use and posture
  • Bad office setup, incorrect seating and poor computer monitor position

How To Prevent Workplace Injuries

Simple changes to your workplace environment and to the way you sit and move at work can create a more safe and secure work environment.

To prevent further workplace injuries:

  • Always sit in the correct ergonomic position with your chair and computer set at the right height
  • Bend your knees, not your back when lifting objects
  • Never try to lift, carry or move objects that are too heavy
  • Take regular breaks from any tasks that may cause strain from overexertion
  • Warm-up and stretch before commencing any manual work

Proactive Physiotherapy Treatment For Workplace Injuries

Assessment of your injury and your workplace – Our physiotherapists will undertake a full mechanical and physical assessment that includes asking you about your injury, how your injury affects you and your ability to function at work and outside of work. We’ll also ask you about your workplace setup, the nature of your job and the tasks you perform at work.

Treatment plan and exercise classes – We’ll design a treatment plan to provide you with relief from symptoms and get you moving to return to your normal function, as well as advice on avoiding further aggravating the injury and avoiding other workplace injuries. Your treatment plan will involve hands-on manual therapy and customised stretching and strengthening exercises you can do at home.

We also run group exercise classes that can help with rehabilitation and prevention of further workplace injuries, including Bounce Back for strengthening your back and our Clinical Functional Exercise classes designed to improve core strength, correct posture and give you greater flexibility.

Ergonomic assessment – If your office environment is causing you pain and injury, our Proactive Physiotherapy Ergonomic Assessment Program will assess your office or home workspace setup and help you not only set up your work environment to fit your body but minimise any chances of you getting back pain or neck pain and avoid injury.

To find out more about our physiotherapy for workplace injuries, get in touch with our team today.