Injury Before Your Sports Finals?

physiotherapist with a patient with a sports injury

Unfortunately, sometimes luck is not on our side, and we injure ourselves at the worst possible times. In this case, right before your sports finals.

Although sports injuries sometimes put us on the sideline, it is also possible to make a quicker recovery with the correct advice and treatment given to you by a qualified physiotherapist. This may be the difference between you playing in the final or watching from the sideline.

Crucial Physiotherapy Assessment

Seeing a physiotherapist at your earliest convenience will give you a higher chance of returning to play.

A physiotherapist will be able to:

  • Assess the problem/injury
  • Diagnose and provide the best advice for recovery
  • Provide the best treatment and exercises for you in an attempt to get you back to playing in time for finals.

This may include balance/control, strengthening and stretching exercises. The use of strapping tape may also allow you to move better and provide you with the support you need to play.

Don’t let an injury stop you from enjoying the sports you love! Get in touch with our team of sports and exercise physiotherapists today.

injury to physiotherapy to return to play flow chart

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