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Golf Fitness

Specialist Golf Fitness and Golf Exercises to Improve Your Golf Handicap

Golf Fitness Physio Cairns

Golf requires very specific and repeatable biomechanics that when trained correctly, can not only reduce your handicap, but increase your golf fitness and reduce your chances of back injury. The sports physiotherapists at Proactive Physiotherapy love golf and have designed a range of golf fitness physiotherapy services to improve your golf fitness and maximise your golf strength including specific golf exercises. Some of these highly individualised golf fitness and golf exercises include:

  • Full body golf screening to identify any physical limitations that may be causing or worsening your swing problems
  • Golf Fit Classes to improve strength and stability for golf with specialized golf exercises designed for all levels of golfer
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of existing golf injuries and physical limitations to get you back to golfing at your best.

Golf Screening looks at any physical limitations in your body that may be causing you back pain or even back injury. These limitations may be showing themselves as faults in your golf swing and once properly identified can be reported to your golfing coach or golf tutor.

Golf Fit Classes are an eight week course that allows you to have lots of fun with focussed golf exercises while improving on your flexibility and stability to help you play better golf.

Golf Specific Physiotherapy Treatments use the results of your screening to deliver an effective physiotherapy based treatment program to improve your golf fitness, including hands on treatment plus setting you up with individual golf exercise programs for strength, flexibility and stability.

Contact Proactive Physiotherapy today and organise your specialised golf screening today and start lowering your handicap tomorrow.

COVID 19 & Telehealth Notice

At Proactive Physiotherapy we recognise that people still injure themselves, and are in pain, so we are still open for face-to-face consultations for the time being, In the interests of everybody's health we are trying to minimise these face to face treatments, so if your condition can be helped without face to face treatment we will offer you telehealth or phone consults.

For your safety, we have reduced physiotherapists hours to allow us to have only two physiotherapists and one receptionist in the clinic at any one time. We use screening questionnaires for everyone attending the clinic and have strict sanitising procedures in place.

For anyone that doesn't want to come into the clinic, our telehealth service, “Physio By Video” is up and running. Anybody who is interested in this service should contact us by email: physio@proactivephysio.com.au, or by phone on 40536222 and a physiotherapist can discuss how this works.

Reception will be attended between 830am and 5pm and Monday to Thursday and 830am to midday on Friday, or you can leave us a voice message at other times.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you all safety and good health in the coming days and weeks.

Julie Faulks and the entire Proactive Physio team.