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Pain Management Services For Lasting Pain Relief

Proactive Physiotherapy Clinics at Cairns and Edge Hill are focussed on delivering a range of high quality pain management and healthcare services designed to relieve pain and assist with sports injury and work injury recovery. The expert Proactive Physiotherapy experts will not only design a plan to give you lasting back pain and neck pain relief, but implement a pain management treatment plan to help you become more effective in your daily work and sporting life.

They achieve these pain management goals through:

  • Accurate assessment and diagnosis of your specific pain condition
  • Pain management education & advice on how to remove pain and keep it from returning
  • Hands-on, pain relieving treatment for both fast pain relief and long-term sustainable solutions for back pain, neck pain and all other pain conditions
  • Acupuncture services
  • Muscle strengthening and muscle retraining through physiotherapy exercise
  • Focussed exercise oriented rehabilitation for getting your body ready for sport and work
  • Massage treatment
  • Spinal mobilisations and spinal manipulation to remove your back pain and neck pain
  • Graduated and carefully controlled physiotherapy and healthcare services helping you return to work, sport and health
  • Electrotherapy services including Ultrasound and Tens
  • Studio Pilates and Clinical Pilates
  • Specialised taping techniques to support your muscles as you recover from sports injuries.

Contact the Proactive Physiotherapy Clinic today to arrange your appointment an effective pain management plan in place today.