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Clinical Functional Exercise

Clinical Functional Exercise Classes – Improving Core Strength & Posture

Clinical Functional Exercise Physio Cairns

Clinical Functional Exercise Classes can improve your core strength, correct and strengthen your posture, give you greater flexibility, improve coordination and body awareness, enhance your balance and circulation and generally increase your overall athletic performance. Clinical Functional Exercise Classes at Proactive Physiotherapy are delivered by highly trained Physiotherapists in our fully equipped Clinical Functional Exercise Classes studio. Using the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Rip60, Surf Set, CoreStix, Wunda-chair, Barrel, balls and mats, kettle bells, dumbbells and more, Functional Exercise Class exercises are specifically tailored to each individual to suit your condition/ability and to help you achieve your goal.

Clinical Functional Exercise Classes run from half hour one-on-one sessions to one hour small group classes with a maximum of five participants.

Clinical Functional Exercise Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities from teenagers looking to improve posture and/or sporting performance, helping those with back pain or neck pain, to the elderly wishing to maintain balance and independence. An ideal supplement or continuation of your physiotherapy care, Clinical Functional Exercise Classes will teach you how to move in a non-destructive manner to improve your condition. Clinical Functional Exercise Classes can be progressed to an extremely high level suitable for athletes wishing to fine-tune their form and improve power.

Reduce your stress and improve your fitness while reducing your chances of back pain or back injury in these safe and controlled sessions. All sessions are instructed by physiotherapists who have post-graduate qualifications in Clinical Functional Exercise. These clinically based exercise treatments also gain the additional benefit of being rebateable under private health insurance.

One on One Clinical Functional Exercise Sessions

These half hour individual Clinical Functional Exercise sessions will have you using a range of exercise equipment and small props combined with a challenging and fun home exercise component. Ideal for those who are short on time or as a preparation for small group Clinical Functional Exercise Classes.

Clinical Functional Exercise During and After Pregnancy

Clinical Functional Exercise Classes are an excellent, safe way to exercise during and after pregnancy to maintain muscle condition and decrease the postural and continence issues that develop during this time. Exercise in small groups or in one-on-one sessions for a fun and non-threatening environment where you can learn how to integrate pelvic floor muscle contractions into functional activities as a way to treat women’s and men’s health issues such as incontinence.

Please visit our Information page for more downloadable information that relates specifically to women’s health conditions.

Small Group Clinical Functional Exercise

In small groups of up to five people, you’ll be utilising our wide range of highly-specialised equipment in these hour long Clinical Functional Exercise Classes , which also include a home exercise component. Functional Exercise Classes are held morning and evening every day to provide ideal flexibility for busy people. This is an excellent setting to learn about your body, remove back pain and improve the way you function every day.

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Proactive Physiotherapy is open for face-to-face visits and group exercise classes.

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To help minimise any risks, please do not come into the clinic unless you are a patient, parent of a minor who is a patient, or translator or carer for a patient attending the clinic. If you do not wish to come into the clinic, but still require some assistance, please call 40840602 to organise a telehealth appointment.

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Thank you for your understanding.

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